Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder

Cuts Detection Time by 90%

Using our specially formulated fluorescent powder and our ultraviolet black light, the Dust Chaser Leak Detection system quickly and efficiently pinpoints leaks in bags, seams and welds - eliminating the need for time consuming hand-eye inspections.

Easy To Use

Start by introducing Dust Chaser into the dirty air stream.  As the compound travels through the leaking areas, it accumulates on the clean side of the collector.  All bags are then inspected with our ultraviolet light. Large areas can be inspected from a single position - without the use of a ladder.

The built up compound gives off an intense fluorescent glow under the black light, which pinpoints leaks in bags, seams and welds - it also identifies future problem areas - which eliminates unnecessary bag changes and unscheduled downtime.

Safe and Dependable

The Dust Chaser Leak Detection system is completely foolproof, non-toxic and simple to use.

Suited to Your Needs

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Ultraviolet Lights

Our breakthrough lights come in 5 different sizes and types:

  • Baby Blue 3
  • Baby Blue Next Gen
  • HI VIZ
  • Ultra Black

Each light includes a rechargeable battery and colour enhancing glasses to make leak detection even easier.

To learn more about which light would best suit your needs, please feel free to contact us at
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Guardian Precoat Conditioning Agent for Filter Bags

Made from a carefully engineered blend of low-density, porous, amorphous silica powder (perlite) - and designed for use in a baghouse style dust collector - our Guardian Precoat is the best choice filter bag precoat material.

WH Kingsmill’s Guardian Precoat:

  • Creates a protective and absorbent dust cake
  • Absorbs hydrocarbons and moisture
  • Protects against blinding and plugging

Improves filter life and performance

Our precoat is packaged in plain, unbranded 30 pound bags.

For information on pricing and delivery, please contact us at 
1-905-333-1114 or 1-800-792-8737.

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What is the particle size of the fluorescent leak detection powder?
The particle size of our Leak Detection Powder is 3 microns.

How much fluorescent leak detection powder should be used for the test?
We recommend using one pound (1 lb) of Leak Detection Powder for 1000 square feet of filter cloth. For metric calculations, please use 0.5 kg of Leak Detection Powder, per 100 m2 of filter cloth.

How long should the fan run after the injection of the leak detection powder?
After injection of the powder, the fan should be run for at least 45 seconds, but no longer than one minute.

Is your leak detection powder toxic?
NO. we use a non-formaldehyde powder. Our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon request.

Can the leak detection powder be used in high temperatures?
Yes. Our Fluorescent Leak Detection Powder has a decomposition point of 660 degrees Fahrenheit (350 degrees Celsius). This means that our products will not melt in high heat applications.  

How many testing colours are available, and which colours are best for my application?
W.H Kingsmill Ltd offers 9 different testing colours: Orange, green, pink, yellow, violet, lime, tangerine, red and invisible blue (white). Please contact us to determine which colours best suit your needs.  

How does the test work?
Start by introducing the Leak Detection Powder into the dirty air stream. The powder will travel through the leaking areas and accumulate on the clean side of the collector. All areas are then inspected with one of our ultraviolet lights. The built up compound will highlight leaks and identify future problem areas. Once repairs have been made, introduce a different colour into the dirty air stream and recheck for leaks. If no leaks are present, you should NOT see the second colour on the clean side of the collector.  

What is guardian precoat?
Guardian Precoat (GPC) is a filter bag conditioning agent. It is a carefully engineered blend of porous, amorphous, silica powder which can be used in fabric filter dust collectors. GPC is used to condition both woven and felted filtration media prior to initial dust collector start up. Most filter media rely on a residual dust cake to accomplish the desired filtration efficiency. The introduction of a conditioning agent can provide the initial dust cake, needed to filter properly.  

How much guardian precoat is required?
We recommend injecting a minimum of one pound (1 lb) per 20 square feet of filter cloth (1 kg per 4 m2 of baghouse filter cloth area).  

At what rate should I inject the guardian precoat?
Inject Guardian Precoat at a feed rate of 0.3 pounds/minute/1000 ACFM of reduced gas flow to the baghouse. If using the metric system, please use 0.136 kg/minute/28 ACMM of reduced gas flow to the baghouse.

Can guardian precoat be used in high temperatures?
Yes. Guardian Precoat has a softening point of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 degrees Celsius).

Technical Data

Dust Chaser is a fine fluorescent powder for use in fabric filter dust collection units.  Once injected into the system, Dust Chaser quickly and efficiently pinpoints any leaks, holes or tears in the dust collector (bags, cartridges, seams, cell plate, etc.).  Dust Chaser is also used to ensure proper installation of new filter bags or cartridges.

Dust Chaser is nonhazardous and nontoxic.  

Composition: Calcium Carbonate and Fluorescent  Pigment.


Average Particle Size:          3 microns

Physical Appearance:           Fine homogenous powder, various colours

Colour:                                   Multiple Colours Available

Refractive Index:                   1.64

Specific Gravity:                    1.97

Decomposition Point:            660 F (350 C)

MSDS Sheets available upon request.